Party-Building Activities

Party-Building Activities


The Inaugural Party Branch of the Ande College was Held

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On the morning of January 17, the inaugural meeting of the An De College Branch of the Committee of the Communist Party was held in the conference room of An De College. Deputy director of the organization department of the Party Committee, Gao Kui, Executive Dean of An De College, Xiong Zhongming, Party Secretary and Vice Dean of An De College, Liu Yanzheng, Vice Deans of Ande College, Zhao Lei and Wang Chunmei, and all teachers of An De College and student representatives attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Liu Yanzheng.

The meeting kicked off in the majestic "Internationale". First of all, Gao Kui announced the notice on the establishment of the party branch of the An De College. Gao Kui emphasized the role of the party branch in the implementation of the "two studies and one work", and ideological education, and proposed several suggestions for the development of the party branch directly under An De College. He said that the party branch should continue to strengthen the study and propaganda. It should take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guiding ideology, strengthen four self-confidences, and strengthen four consciousnesses; the branch should strengthen politics. Construction will focus on improving organizational strength and continuously strengthen political functions.

Then, Liu Yanzheng, secretary of the Party Branch of An De College, led the staff to study the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Political Work of Colleges and Universities in the New Situation" and the contents of the report of the 19th National Congress. The "Opinions" pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen and improve the party's leadership over colleges and universities, attach great importance to party building and ideological and political work in Sino-foreign cooperative education, and explore effective ways for party organizations to play a political core role.

Subsequently, Executive Dean of An De College, Xiong Zhongming, spoke on behalf of An De College. Xiong emphasized that the establishment of the party branch will strengthen the political sense of belonging and the sense of belonging of the college, which has great guiding significance for the political direction of the work of the college. The college will further strengthen the party building work, actively complete the political work and management tasks, and deliver a satisfactory answer to the university. Finally, all the party members and leaders of the branch took a group photo.